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Roland has completed his 100 hour 'Alone in the woods' challenge.  He left on Sunday, November 8, 2020 and his time began at 12 noon.  He completed his 100 hours at 4pm on Thursday, November 12th.

His ten items that he brought with him were:  1) fishing pole; 2) cross bow; 3) rifle; 4) hunting knife; 5) tent; 6) sleeping bag; 7) cast iron fry pan; 8) cooking pot; 9) lighter; and 10) a flashlight.

Roland's Alone fundraiser supported the 200 albino children in Tanzania, to purchase them bed sets (blankets, mattresses, beds, pillows, and mosquito nets).  See below for pics/videos Roland sent us while he was away.

For those who have sponsored Roland, we are all very thankful for you.

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Following are pics and videos Roland sent us during his challenge.

Day 1 of 5 (Nov.8/20) Updates

"Here are some pics from today. I started a shelter getting ready for the rain on Wednesday. But for tonight, sleeping under the stars. It’s amazing.  I have an owl bidding me goodnight right now." Roland


Sleeping under the stars


Pesky porcupine take-down

Satellite image of Roland's location

(his sugar bush property - 25 acres)

Day 2 of 5 (Nov.9/20) Updates

Here is a video update from Roland after his first night Alone in the woods.


Night time visitor from this doe

Day 3 of 5 (Nov.10/20) Updates

Day 4 of 5 (Nov.11/20) Updates

Roland's fishing expedition:


Today's catch

Day 5 of 5 (Nov.12/20) Updates

Update from Roland's last day:

Oh hello deer

Final video of the challenge

First meal after challenge.jpg

mmm mmm Roland was dreaming about this

Would you like to enter as a Participant
and have your friends/family sponsor you for this great cause?

Send us an email, and: 

  1. Attach a picture of yourself; 

  2. Let us know the date you'll leave and how many hours you’re going to challenge yourself to; and

  3. Provide your list of TEN ITEMS that you will take with you.

    Don’t forget your cell phone and car charger. These DO NOT count as one of your 10 items.

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