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Bumala - How can you help?


In order for our facilitator (Hungry For Life) to designate Bumala as a partnering village, it's important that commitments to the community are not made until a donor group is found and determines their means and plans to help.  YFT and HFL will then work towards a self-sustainable plan, organize missions trips to the village, and issue receipts to all donors, from the donor group and others.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the details of becoming a donor group, so please contact us.

Partner with BCBO


As mentioned in our Missions trip "GO" page, a local church partnering with a village is far more beneficial than one-time projects.  Life-long relationships are formed, and with the completion of many projects and support, the entire village is transformed, and so too is the local church as they carry out the Great Commission, and demonstrate their faith by helping the community raise themselves out of poverty and into a self-sustainable plan for everyone.


Visit our contact page and send us an email.  We can arrange a visit with you, your Board, or committee members, to discuss opportunities for partnering with Bumala.

Current Goals


Once a partner has been found for the Bumala community, donations can be directed towards specific project needs, which include:


  1. To complete and furnish the 3 classrooms by the end of this year so that we admit the pioneer ECD class by the beginning of 2016.

  2. Fix a hand pump to the borehole so that it becomes easier to draw the water though later we will install a submersible pump when electricity becomes available at the Centre or when we are able to install solar panels.

Raise Awareness


From sharing our website and facebook page, to hosting a fundraising event, there are many ways to raise awareness with your circle of friends, family, church, and co-workers. Contact us by email if you'd like to help us to raise awareness / host a fundraising event for the people of Bumala.

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