Roland Poirier, Nutritionist 

President, Nutra-Fix Inc.

President, You Feed Them Inc.
Chair, YFT Community Development Committee, Farming 

Roland shares his passion for farming and natural health solutions both in his business and in developing countries.  


As a past President of a Future Farmers of America local chapter, Roland believes strongly in education, leadership training, and hands on vocational training as taught by the FFA, in order to create sustainable business development overseas. 

Together with his wife Theresa, they have three driven and successful adult children, Jessica, Rolie and Julia.  Roland’s hobbies include hunting, hiking, canoeing, and spending time in his maple sugar bush.  Leading international missions as well as serving his local church as one of the worship leaders, are important to Roland in order to continue building relationships and growing in faith.

Theresa Poirier 
Secretary/Treasurer, Nutra-Fix Inc.

Secretary, You Feed Them Inc.

Chair, YFT Marketing & Mobilization Committee (including Media Management)


Theresa’s experience in the high tech sector, as an Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Web Master has provided her with the skills needed both in her business, and her personal life.  

In business, Theresa and her husband Roland, own and operate “Nutra-Fix Inc.," providing probiotic supplements to customers in Canada and the US.  Theresa handles the office and computer work for the company.

In her personal life, Theresa’s training and experience is helpful in assisting YouFeedThem as Secretary. Theresa also enjoys serving in her local church, and also plays keyboard on the worship team. In addition to spending time with her family, Theresa enjoys social get-togethers with friends, crocheting, dancing, traveling, and spending time in nature.


Bob Elliott

Retired sub-station electrician from Hydro Ottawa

Vice-President, You Feed Them Inc.

Chair, YFT Community Development Committee, Projects

Married for 38 years to his wife Dianne, Bob is father to 3 married daughters and grandpa to 6 adorable grandkids.  Bob’s life is full, the original “Bob the Builder” and a MacGyver at heart, he is always giving a helping hand or fixing something that is destined for the landfill.

After meeting the Poiriers a few years ago and seeing all that has been accomplished with You Feed Them, Bob felt called to become more involved with the organization.


With the skills he acquired while working on his Uncle's farm many years ago, Bob could see the benefits of introducing sound farming practices that have already seen incredible results in one of the local Villages in Kenya. Encouraging such practices and applying new ones will enable the local villagers to become self-sustaining, as well as bringing wholeness to the village itself. 


The idea of small businesses run through the local Future Farmers organization would further the ability of the village becoming even more independent. Anything that Bob has learned through trial and error and years of life experience, he is excited to share with the people he meets.

Dianne Elliott

YFT Community Development Committee, Projects

Dianne has been happily married for 38 years to Bob and together they have raised three beautiful daughters.  Dianne was an at home mom while the girls grew, allowing her to work in the schools and be active in their Parent Council. Being at home also gave Dianne the privilege to care for aging parents, and all that entails with end of life care.


As the children grew, Dianne started two successful small businesses and worked at that for many years. She was also very active in the local church, working with the young adult population as well as planning large events. Now that her husband has retired, she has joined him and they enjoy doing many things together.

All of these life experiences have given insight into the many different aspects of life that are complimentary to what You Feed Them is trying to accomplish in the African Villages they are part of. Dianne welcomes the opportunity to use her gifts of marketing, organization and the care of women and children, through education, and small business, to further the development of these incredible individuals who are working so hard to become self- sufficient.


Jill Guindon

Director, You Feed Them Inc.

Chair, YFT Missions Committee

Jill is a wife, homemaker and mother to 4 grown children.  She also has 3 grandchildren and a special needs foster daughter.  


Jill’s past ministry experience includes: teaching in a Christian school, editing books, children’s ministry, youth ministry, Ladies’ ministry and leading worship.

Jill, together with her husband Sylvain, spent a number of months living and working in a rural island location in Guyana, South America. She and her husband also engaged in bringing much needed aid to aboriginal people in Canada’s north.

Jill is confident of God’s call on her life to “go wherever He sends her” and has a desire to do His will wherever and whatever that may be!  She has a deep passion to help and encourage people - especially widows and orphans - by sharing her own personal testimony and bringing God’s Word of love and restoration.

Uwe Loos

Owner & Operator, Three Loos Farms 

Treasurer, You Feed Them Inc.

YFT Community Development Committee, Farming

Uwe operates a progressive 95-cow dairy and cash crop operation with his wife Stacy, his son Byron, and daughter-in-law Sara.

Together, Uwe and Stacy have raised four children; Shayla, Veronica, Byron and Miranda.  They are also currently enjoying their 8 grand children.  Uwe enjoys travel, art collecting, and creating new relationships with the people he meets.


Uwe and his son Byron place great emphasis on “thinking outside the box.”  They have been growing and feeding hydroponic barley to their cows for 8 years and have seen many benefits.  They have also used a revitalizer on the farm, which has increased the nutritional value of crops grown while also improving the vitality of the soil.  Uwe hopes to bring that type of thinking to You Feed Them as a member of the board.



We met Pastor Silas Owiti-Oduor in 2008 while he was here in Canada, and learned about the village of Yogo where he's from.  Fifty percent of the children in the community were dying from water-borne diseases, malnutrition, lack of medicine, AIDS and other illnesses. Silas met us through a mutual friend, Lynn Fraser, who had seen the poverty first-hand when she visited Kenya.  We spoke about the need for a community farm and the need to raise awareness here in Canada.

Shortly thereafter, a group of people went with Silas to his village of Yogo. Land was purchased for the farm and when the group returned home, You Feed Them was started and everyone began to spread awareness and raise funds to support the people of Yogo and surrounding community.

Pastor Silas has also grown the small church in Yogo to 10 churches in the community, and is now a Bishop spreading the good news across radio waves in Kenya.  We are thankful that we've had the privilege to meet Silas, and to witness the dedication that he has to help the poorest of poor.


To read more about how Yogo has been transformed, with the school, with utilities such as clean water, electricity and now even wifi, as well as the vital sustainability of a farm that provides for the community, visit our Yogo page, under the "Villages" menu.

Silas-October 2020.jpg
PastorTitus-and family Oct 2020.jpeg

Our Field Partner in Tanzania is Pastor Titus Mashalla - seen here with his wife, Happiness, and their three children, Shawn Titus and Evelyn.


Some of the YFT Canadian team members met Pastor Titus in 2010 during an initial YFT mission trip.  We also visited the village of Bukwimba in Tanzania in 2014 where Titus had started his own You Feed Them Farm and registered Community Based Organization in partnership with the local church.  The farm flourished under his leadership.

In 2018 Pastor Titus and his family felt led to move to another remote village in Tanzania called "Mwalwigi" to lead people to Christ, start a church, a farm, and a YFT team. Given the contacts Titus made with the YFT team in Canada, as well as other churches in Canada, Titus began to build up the sustainability of the village and surrounding community.

Since that time, Titus has grown the church from 25 people to over 200, baptized all members, and with the help of generous supporters has started the foundation of a church building.  Pastor Titus also continues to partner with YFT in Canada, bringing much needed aid to many disadvantaged and challenged students at Mitindo Public School, including the albinos, the blind, and the deaf.

Visit our "Mwalwigi" page under "Villages" to learn more about Pastor Titus and the village of Mwalwigi.


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