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GO on a Missions Trip

We would like to encourage you to come with us on a short term missions trip to the YFT villages we serve.  Trips typically last 2-3 weeks and include several projects which vary based on the funds available, and as determined by the group traveling, along with the needs of the communities visiting.

Many people ask questions like "Wouldn't it be better to donate money, rather than spend it on travel?" or, "How do I know if I am called to go on missions?" Following are some answers to these questions, providing additional points for you to consider:


  • Why not just give money?  While financial donations are important, most individuals who have gone on short term missions return with a desire to do more to help. They raise awareness within their families, friendships, and within their churches.   When meeting the families in the villages, meaningful relationships are made, for you and those you visit.  These relationships can last a lifetime. This is the same type of bond the apostle Paul felt with the people he met in Greece, Italy and Asia Minor during his travels.

  • There are so many impoverished people... How can we possibly have an impact?   Every effort we make to help brings hope to those we visit, including bringing our gifts, completing projects, making new relationships, and spreading the love of God.  

  • Do I have the skills needed to help?  Regardless of your talents and giftings, you have a lot to offer!  From helping with building projects, or sharing your expertise in the farm, teaching first aid, or reading stories or playing games with the children, you are valued and will be appreciated on the trip.

  • What if my faith is not the same as others on the trip?  You will expand your understanding and acceptance of others' spiritual perspectives and appreciate the differences in all of us.  Each evening after spending time in villages, the team gathers together for a debrief of the day’s events. Everyone gains new perspectives and a new appreciation of our differences as we listen to each team member’s experience of the day, sharing how they were impacted and how they struggled - as well as the many joys found along the way!

  • Won't it be too sad to see so much poverty?  Yes, it can be quite shocking to see the level of poverty that so many people endure.  However, when you get to know these people, you will notice that they typically live a life of joy, regardless of their situation.  As much as we believe we are bringing change to their lives, their level of faith, courage, and joy brings change to our lives.  We return with a new appreciation for all the comforts we may take for granted.  We also expand our knowledge of different cultures, and a renewed enthusiasm to do what we can to help.

  • What if I'm the only one from my church to go?  Many of the missions trip members are from different churches and denominations, while other trips include several people from one church only, or some people who don't go or belong to a church. Either way, when you return and share your stories and pictures with your church, family and friends, they feel your passion and enthusiasm and are encouraged to consider going on a future trip or doing what they can to get involved to help.

  • Should we re-visit the same village(s) or a different village each time?  We encourage individuals or churches to send teams to the same place annually for at least a few years, to foster permanent relationships and effective projects. Rather than one project being completed in different villages, our vision is to see entire communities transformed. When we return to visit many of the same individuals, we also build lasting relationships.  

  • How do I know if I'm being called to go or what if I just can't afford to go, etc.?   Certainly, not all of us are able to spend two or three weeks to travel, and for a small number of people, health limitations, family responsibilities or financial struggles prevent even a short-term trip.  However, many of us do have the means and the time.   "The Great Commission" was not a suggestion. Christ's Kingdom cannot be built without bold, radical obedience

    Matthew 28:19 says:  "Go therefore... and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"  Somebody has to GO. There's no way around it. To share the gospel with the whole world, we must be willing to pack our bags sometime and leave home.  If you are one of those individuals that cannot go on a missions trip,  don't feel guilty for not going. Instead remember that those who can't go to the mission field can provide their prayers and/or financial support, and that support is invaluable.  

So, whether you go virtually or in person, let's recognize the priority of missions. Let's encourage every Christian to discover their role in God's great plan to tell everyone about Jesus and His love, and to love others as ourselves.

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