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YFT aims to help the people of remote villages in Africa that our teams have visited.  We have met the people of these communities and after our initial visit, conducted thorough assessments, which include research prior to visiting the area, an assessment checklist completed during the trip, and a checklist completed after the trip.

The long-lasting relationship we have with the leaders in these villages and our trust in them ensures that when we introduce people to their needs, we feel confident that their support goes exactly where it's directed. 

We hope that as the Lord leads, you will be able to travel to these villages with us to meet our field partners and others in the villages.  Visit our Go Page to learn more.

Click on the images below to read up on the communities that YFT supports

PastorTitus distributing blankets

Mwalwigi (Tanzania) 

Pastor Titus Mashalla oversees the Community Based Organization (CBO) "Partners in Hope Tanzania.

As a project of "The Great Commission Foundation" (TGCF Canada)," donors are able to support the projects and his Ministry and receive tax receipts if they choose to do so.

YFT is thankful to The Gathering House (Chesterville, ON) and Trinity Bible Church of Ottawa for their monthly support of Pastor Titus' ministry. 

Click on the image above to learn more about the projects that have begun and future projects that are planned to support the people of Mwalwigi, or click here



YOGO (Kenya)


Yogo is the first village that some of the YFT team traveled to in 2008.   Since then, the transformations that have taken place in this community have been incredible and quite miraculous! 

YFT's focus in Yogo has always been, and remains to be the YFT Farm, which provides 2 meals a day for all the students in the Yogo school. Crops are also sold to other schools to support some of the expenses of the Yogo school. 

YFT continues working with the Yogo Farm Manager, Elisha Otieno, not only to launch new projects, but to discover and implement solutions to each challenge faced on the farm.


Find out more by clicking on the image above or click here.

SEJE (Kenya) 

Partnering with Stittsville Community Bible Church, this community has been transformed with clean water, a growing school, and agricultural projects.


Incredible stories of hope in this village have revitalized a generation of young people that will continue to bring change and prosperity in the years ahead!

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