Water in Yogo
YFT farm in Yogo
Roland teaching with tractor
Pastor Silas
Pastor Silas Owiti-Oduor-Yogo\
YFT team at YFT Farm in Yogo
Pastor Silas works the farm
Yogo welcomes the YFT team
Yogo - solar dryer - outside completed
Yogo - solar dryer
YFT President Roland Poirier
Yogo church
Yogo YFT Farm
YFT team at the Yogo Farm
Future Farmers of Kenya
Future Farmers Tanzania
Visiting Mitindo school in Tanzania
Pastor TItus and family Oct 2020
Pastor Titus distributes blankets
Pastor Titus brings food to school
Baptisms in Mwalwigi 2018
2 acres being plowed in Mwalwigi
Dirty water being collected
Newsletter-Image-Sept 2020.png

Our new and exciting fundraiser has begun!


Participants spend a dedicated number of hours alone in the woods, taking only TEN items with them.  Their friends & family commit to sponsor them for a specific amount of money per hour.  Visit our Events page for more info on the our "Alone (in the woods)" fundraising/awareness event. 

So far, we've had 2 participants complete their Alone challenge.  To view their pics/videos, or  if you've already sponsored them and want to pay your pledge, go to:

To find out what YFT has been doing lately, during and despite COVID, click on the image above to read our current newsletter.  

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