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Our current awareness and fundraising efforts are towards a church build in the Village of Mwalwigi.  The temporary churches that have been put up have either been blown down by high winds, or heavy rain has disintegrated the bricks that were second hand and old.

The temporary churches that were put up were unsafe AND now way too small for the approximate 250 people that are attending, and this number is growing! 

Please visit The Church Build portion of the Mwalwigi Village page for more information including the plan to build, the cost, timeline, etc.   

Visit the picture section to see pics of the previous 'temporary' churches.

To donate:  Here is a link to The Great Commission - Partners in Hope:

For a tax receipted donation please go to The Great Commission – Canada website:

Please be sure to mark “church build” in the comment section


Because of the urgency of this request, we are also asking if you could allow our team to visit your church to ask your congregation to donate towards this urgent need and to pray with us.  

We would also be pleased to visit your small group, your business, your family, or anyone who would like to help in any way that they can.


Please contact us if you are able to help.

Thank you for your email

Thank you for your support!
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