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Jill Guindon

SHE DID IT!!! Way to go Jill.  We're so thankful for your willingness to do this, for your dedication to complete the 50 hours, and for your love and support of the albino children.  Jill's Alone fundraiser supported the 200 albino children in Tanzania, to purchase them bed sets (blankets, mattresses, beds, pillows, and mosquito nets).  See below for pics/videos Jill sent us while she was away.

For those who sponsored Jill, we are all very thankful for you.  

Following are pics and videos Jill sent us during her challenge.

Day 1 (Nov.19) Updates

The quest has begun.  Jill has sent us a couple of pics with notes:

DAY 1 - PIC 2.jpeg

My view on the east side.  I can definitely hear animals in the bush.

It's going to be crazy at night I think.

DAY 1 - PIC 3.jpeg

All set up!

Day 1 - pic 1.jpeg

I even have a touch of home here with my laundry bag and my pot! AKA my laundry room & kitchen (actually the little bag holds my toilet paper LOL)


I spent a large part of the day foraging for wood.

OOPS I tripped!

DAY 1 - PIC 6.jpg
DAY 1 - PIC 5.jpeg

Lots of wood collected, fire  started, hot water coming!


Click play to watch Jill's video of the day

Click play to watch Jill's final video of day 1

Day 2 (Nov.20) Updates

Jill made it through the night:

DAY 2 - PIC wood lg.jpeg

Wood collection of the day

DAY 2 - wood 2.jpeg

Day 2 update

Day 3 - Final day update

Good morning! "I'm happy today!! Happy that I made it.. happy that I'll be home today, and MOSTLY happy and thankful for all WE did to make a difference for the kids in Mwalwigi 

FINAL DAY - PIC-sun.jpeg

"I think this is the first time I've seen the sun since I got here! It's so warm and nice."  Jill

FINAL DAY-drinking water.jpeg

Breakfast time... warm water, again. 50 hours without food or anything, besides warm water.  Jill is looking forward to a hot bath and PIZZA (& not necessarily in that order.)

Would you like to enter as a Participant
and have your friends/family sponsor you for this great cause?

Send us an email, and: 

  1. Attach a picture of yourself; 

  2. Let us know the date you'll leave and how many hours you’re going to challenge yourself to; and

  3. Provide your list of TEN ITEMS that you will take with you.

    Don’t forget your cell phone and car charger. These DO NOT count as one of your 10 items.

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