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We would like to thank The Gathering House in Chesterville, Ontario for their support during their 10am Service on March 5, 2023.


During the 10am Service, Roland Poirier (from YFT)  provided an update and introduced Bob & Dianne Elliott, partners with Pastor Titus and his organization "Partners in Hope" in Mwalwigi, Tanzania through The Great Commission Foundation.  Bob & Dianne Elliott, provided an update regarding an urgent request from Pastor Titus for his village with regards to their church situation.  

Visit our Mwalwigi village page for more information.  

Check back here for more upcoming events as we partner with other churches / organizations to help respond to this urgent need.



Thanks to The Dekker Team for this excellent interview on CHRI, with our field partner and friend Silas Owiti-Oduor and Roland Poirier (YFT).

"Food security was the goal but the thirst for knowledge was even more powerful. In this episode we will hear from Roland Poirier and Silas Odour from You Feed Them as they explain that sometimes God will only give you a piece of the vision or cause those with the vision to only give you part of it because that is all the faith you have or all your community can handle and still follow you." 


Visit to listen.

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Participants commit to:

  • spending time alone in the woods (not going anywhere once set up) for the amount of hours they post/commit to,

  • packing only TEN ITEMS for their trip (cell phone and car charger do not count as their 10 items), 

  • taking pictures and  videos each day throughout their trip for posting here on our website.


  • complete the sponsorship form, and when their participant completes their challenge 

  • donate their total amount pledged to the donation link they will be provided (donations of $25 or more will be receipted for income tax deduction).


FOUR participants completed their challenge, raising awareness & funds
for "Partners in Hope Tanzania" through "The Great Commission Foundation" 


View their pics and videos below

Roland Poirier (Jr.) (Dec. 20th to Dec. 24th)
Visit his Alone page to view details


Sylvain Guindon has completed his challenge

Visit his Alone page to view details

Jill Guindon has completed her challenge.  
Visit her Alone page to view details

Roland Poirier (Sr.) has completed his challenge.
Visit his Alone page to view details  

Will you consider becoming a participant??


 If you would like to enter as a Participant
and have your friends/family sponsor you for this great cause?

Send us an email, and: 

  1. Attach a picture of yourself; 

  2. Let us know the date you'll leave and how many hours you’re going to challenge yourself to; and

  3. Provide your list of TEN ITEMS that you will take with you.

    Don’t forget your cell phone and car charger. These DO NOT count as one of your 10 items. Clothing and footwear do not count either.



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