Mwalwigi, Tanzania

Allow us, to introduce you to Pastor Titus Jason Mashalla and the community of Mwalwigi, Tanzania.

In 2018 a YFT team travelled to Tanzania and witnessed firsthand the scope and passion of the work Pastor Titus was trying to accomplish in his community. Since then YFT, along with Pastor Titus and his CBO (a group of locals that work together to develop the community),  have come up with a plan of assistance and sustainability. 


​In early 2020 Pastor Titus started an official organization called Partners in Hope Tanzania (link to the Canadian site - and link to the USA site), and with the help of The Great Commission Foundation money is safely and easily directed to this community

Pastor TItus and family Oct 2020.jpeg

Pastor Titus, his wife Happiness, sons Shawn and Moses,

and daughter Evelyn

Church partners, The Gathering House in Chesterville, ON and Trinity Bible Church in Osgoode/Ottawa area, along with a some regular donors, are assisting Titus with basic monthly expenses (more help is still required). To hear Pastor Titus’ heart is to hear the heart of God, such love and compassion, such a desire to share the love of Jesus in word and in deed!


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Pastor Titus and volunteers in the community care for approximately 200 Albino children who live at the Mitindo School in protective custody.  The Albino children are protected because many locals believe the evil teaching of witch doctors that tell them body parts of albinos bring good fortune.  


The local public school houses and protects these children, given that they cannot safely live in their own homes with their families (if they are not orphaned).  Food is provided by the local government when school is in session but many personal items such as bedding, clothing and special needs are only provided by charitable organizations.  


In March of 2020 the school was shut down due to COVID-19. These albino children were left at the school without food or caregivers.  Pastor Titus and his ministry team stepped in to assist; food was purchased with donations sent in partnership with YFT and caregivers from Pastor Titus' church came to care for the children.  It was during this time it was discovered that many of the children were lacking a blanket and even an actual bed!


The You Feed Them team jumped into action, raising awareness and funds to purchase such basic needs as blankets, mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and mosquito nets.


Direct email requests, along with the fundraisers "Alone in the Woods" and “The Riddle Rally",  and a Go Fund Me effort raised enough money to buy all the bed sets needed so that every child now has a warm dry and safe place to sleep.

makeshift mattresses for floor.jpeg
albino with blankets.jpg
Bunk beds colorful.jpeg

Not only was there enough funds for the bedding,  Pastor Titus was also able to purchase food, school supplies, and even a few soccer balls for the children.

See pics below.

  • 200 + kids were fed for a 4 month period during the COVID pandemic while government was unable to provide.

  • 10 acres of land was recently purchased to provide nutritional food for the albino population, as well as widows, and local orphans.

  • A Christmas conference was held where 250 kids were fed and taught over a week at Christmas... a very special celebration

Albino kids with food purchased.jpeg
Albino kids with school supplies purchas
Albino kids with bed sets.jpeg
Soccer balls.jpeg


Church - outside pic.png
  • Church growth from 15 people to close to 200.

  • Gospel is being preached.

  • On our visit we saw 78 baptisms in a muddy pond.

  • Church growth and baptisms continue.

  • Because there is no proper roof on the existing church building (as shown), services and events cannot be held during rainy seasons.





Future Farmers Kenya program has been started to teach agriculture practices to the youth, along with
other programs benefiting the entire community.


Land has been purchased to grow food
for the most vulnerable.



  • The drilling of a well.  This would make a huge difference to everyday life!  At the present time, women and children walk 5-7 km to obtain water from dirty crocodile infested waters!

  • It is Pastor Titus' and the community's desire to have a proper church, with a roof, chairs and walls to allow them to come together, pray and worship, as well as a hall for the community to gather.

  • Purchase of bibles for new members of the church.

  • Purchase of bicycles to assist in ministry.

  • We are seeking extra funds to help Pastor Titus with a monthly salary to allow him to continue spending time spreading the love of God in the community.

PLEASE consider how you, your church, or your organization could help with any of the above, and feel free to contact us anytime.  You can submit an email to us below:


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We are so very grateful for all your love and support!