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Mwalwigi - Plans & Projects

Following are the future plans of the Mwalwigi CBO for their community, believing that God is faithful and will provide.  Through hard work and determination with the MCBO projects, and generous donations from those of us who are able to help, they will reach their goals to reach self-sustainability. 


Mwalwigi - A brief history

Mwalwigi is one of the villages in Misungwi district in Mwanza  region Tanzania. The majority of this village is women and children. The main occupation is sustenance farming with the main crops being corn, paddy and cotton. Other crops includes market vegetables-tomatoes, unions, and cabbages. All are done on small scale.

Scarcity of clean and safe drinking water at Mwalwigi village

There are many villages that suffer for lack of safe and clean drinking water. The average distance that the women and children (those who normally fetch water), is 5- 10 kilometers to and from, per day! Women and children usually do spend over 2-3 hours each day walking and collecting water from water holes and streams for their family to drink and use. The walk to get water not only takes a lot of time but can be dangerous as well. Note that: only about half of the people of Tanzania have access to good water.

Financial limitations

60% of the community served by the church consists of peasants and livestock herders whose economic activities depend heavily on the weather and other natural conditions.  The constant droughts almost every year and the global financial crisis have negatively affected the people of Mwalwigi financially.  According to the 2012 census Mwalwigi village had 3340 inhabitants, the majority of whom were peasants, pastoralists and fishermen. The per capita annual income was TZS 209,119, (USD 166.00). This translates to USD 0.45 per day! Social hardships like Malaria, water borne disease, HIV/AIDS are claiming lives, leaving many orphans. 

Mwalwigi's Strategic Goals

PASTOR TITUS MASHALLA:  In March 2017, we have convened a workshop for the leadership and representatives from all the churches in our Districts to prepare a strategic Plan. The Plan sets three major goals to be achieved by 2020:

  1. Evangelism, Discipleship and Church planting: This will be done by conducting Evangelistic crusades, gospel film shows, Christians witnessing to neighbors, friends and relatives; conducting Bible studies, Pastoral visitations, preaching and teaching the word and construction of decent Church buildings.

  2. Improvement of Economic and social life: To achieve this, we seek assistance to drill water in communities; provide medical services through our three Dispensaries, and two mobile clinics, voluntary testing of HIV/AIDS, counseling and education, provision of mosquito nets. 

  3. Enhancement of our institutional capacity: This will be achieved by training of more Pastors and staff; Pastors’ Conferences and Seminars; provision of transport to Pastors, efficient environment to staff; equipping Christians to use their spiritual gifts and talents, and stewardship.

Mwalwigi - How can you help?

We are currently seeking a church to partner with to allow donations and support to sent, and come alongside this village.  Our hope is to assistance with some of the basic needs for the community.  

Please contact us if your church would like to discuss this further at

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